NO, should I?

Mobility Explorer is the tip of the iceberg, demonstrating all the pieces of the Transitland data architecture and Onestop ID scheme working together. Give it a try!

YES, I want to…

consume data for my app, visualization, or service. Try querying the Transitland Datastore API. Endpoints are in our documentation.

add a GTFS feed to Transitland. Open the Feed Registry and scroll to the big "add a feed" button at the bottom.

offer ideas and suggestions. Please e-mail us with your comments and suggestions. We're even glad to arrange time for a video call.

learn exactly how the tooling works. Scroll through the "how it works" diagram. All our code is available under open-source licenses on GitHub.

learn more about the Onestop ID scheme. Read more in our documentation about Onestop IDs.

involve my organization/company. We welcome partners interested in shaping the direction of Transitland. Please e-mail us.

know what's coming next. Please read our news & updates and follow @transitland on Twitter.