Browse operators and feeds in the Feed Registry

The Transitland Feed Registry is a directory of transit operators and feeds. It provides information about which transit operators offer open feeds and what can you legally do with each feed.

Available feeds

The Feed Registry provides an overview of all the operators represented in Transitland. Most transit operators only offer one feed, but some, like MTA New York City Transit, are split across many feeds.

Want to use the Feed Registry’s data in your own application? It’s all available through the Datastore API under the /api/v1/operators and /api/v1/feeds endpoints. This data is shared under Creative Commons CC0 (CC0), so you’re free to use this catalog of operators and feeds however you see fit in your own applications and services.


For each operator, the Feed Registry summarizes three aspects about their license:

  1. Can you use this feed without attribution, or do you need to explicitly mention in your application, visualization, or analysis that you’re making use of data from this operator?
  2. Can you create derived products from this feed? For example, can you mix the feed with other sources and share the mixed file with others?
  3. Can you take this feed and redistribute it to others, in a different context or embedded within a different application?

Each license is summarized with three icons that are color-coded for quick reference. Hold your cursor over an icon in the Feed Registry to get more information about what that license permits, or click the question mark at the top of the License Details column for more information.

The ideal license allows you to:

use the feed's data without attribution. It's up to you to decide where, whether, and how in your map, application, or service you acknowledge your data sources.

create derived products from the feed. For example, you can mix the feed with other sources and share the mixed file with others.

redistribute the feed as is, under open terms.

Please note the Feed Registry is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Transitland makes a good faith effort to ensure accuracy, but cannot guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information provided in the Feed Registry. You are advised to click through to each feed’s license, review it, and consult with a lawyer if you need proper legal advice on using and consuming the data referenced in the Feed Registry.